War On The Line (Alton)

Here we are playing on Ropley platform, singing to trains as they come in and go out again.

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  1. belinda cupcake Reply

    Looking forward to our 2nd gig tomorrow at rose lodge garden party. The hanging baskets look lovely ! It would be nice to get the residents dancing again x

  2. belinda cupcake Reply

    You’ll be pleased to know that the flowers have been replaced by a tier of iced cupcakes to save on plates. And they won’t attract bees ……… just wasps and the odd fly !

  3. Geranium Reply

    Looks like a splendid day for singing at a Garden Party. What busy bees we are,
    See you all later, feeling in fine voice today.
    Just the right sort of day for Pimms later? Pimms and cupcakes now that a nice thought for the day.

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